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Valet Parking parking is back, for it’s second instalment! Take on the role of a parking attendant, earning money from parking cars for people. Get in the car and drive it to the parking bay which they requested, once they come back the drivers will let you know what bay they are parked in and you need to give that car back. Watch out for crashes as it will take a chunk out of your earnings, lose all your money and it’s game over.rnrnArrow keys to move and drive, spacebar to get in and out of cars.rn

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  1. Yes, absolutely you should be switching between characte1, and I’m sure this player is good with many other characte1 if he is “the best Widowmaker”. That being said, Widowmaker fits well in almost any composition, so it’s not unheard of for someone to be able to “main” her and still be competitive in the game.

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