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Cute looking princess is getting ready for the feast at her palace and she also going to meet some important people during the feast, our princess have some of the finest cloths in her wardrobe and needs your assistance to select the finest of all. Help her to get ready and have fun.

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2 comments on “Glossy Princess
  1. You are completely right about the fi1t hour and a half in face of mankind (either u love it or hate it) and to be frank… i sorta hated it because i made a huge noob mistake and blew all my money on what can only be described as utter shit. If it weren&1quo;t for the sweet mmobomb giveaway, i probably would have gotten fed up with the game and quit, but since i got some super high quality items in the giveaway, i felt like losing all my money was justified and i kept playing, now i can&1quo;t stop.

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