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The player has six different fruits when he need to arrange the five similar fruits in any of the way it may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Score increases when you crash the five similar fruits. Using the mouse right click you can move the fruits from one place another. Game ends when all the blocks are filled up by the fruits.

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  1. I mostly agree but playing with friends (and not with random people on the Internet) is awesome as well. I don’t want my single player games raided by random people so I always disable this in games where it’s supposed to happen (like in recent NFS games or in Watchdogs) but playing with friends, especially offline, is the most fun you can have in a game to me.nI i1talled the demo for Destiny a while ago, without knowing too much about it, but as soon as I arrived into the lobby of sorts with plenty of people with usernames hovering over their heads, I quit the game never to return.

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